In 1941 the German Navy commissioned its latest submarine, the U-134 and as it slid out of harbour to join the 5th U boat flotilla, Captain-Lieutenant Rudolf Schendel keenly anticipated the mission ahead. You may be wondering why this Type 7C U Boat should feature in a Plane Tale but bear with me as I introduce the K-74. Built a year after the U-134, the K 74 came from a company with an interesting origin, the Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation. This is their intriguing story.


The Type VIIc U-Boat


One of the few U Boats to survive the war.


Zeppelins over London


A British recruitment poster


The Goodyear Zeppelin Airdock


The Airdock interior


The Goodyear K Class blimp


K-Class blimp arrives in Gibraltar


The U-134’s last patrol


The U-134 survives an attack


A K-Class on patrol


Attack report of the engagement between K-74 and U134


A K-Class is loaded with Depth Charges

The K-Class crew man their gun



HMS Rother finally sinks U-134 with all hands



Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to NSA, UK National Archives, Darkone,  US Library of Congress, the Goodyear Zeppelin company, USN, Grossnick Roy A, Royal Navy and the US Naval Institute.