Whilst we are discussing quaint idioms, many of us trust that old American adage, “If it looks good, it’ll fly good” attributed to both Neil Armstrong and Bill Lear and is something that all pilots understand. There is something about a fine looking aircraft that makes it appear trustworthy and gives one confidence that it will perform well. Sadly, I know of one company, however, who seem to have looked at their aircraft through bottle bottom glasses… or perhaps they never got the memo.

The Dunne D5


The Type 184

The Cardington Gasbag


The Shorts S38


The Singapore


The Shorts Empire flying boat


The Sunderland


The COW gun


The Sunderland’s internal bomb racks


The Sunderland’s rest facilities


The Bombay


The long legged Stirling


The unlikely looking Seamew


Hurel-Dubois Miles 106 Caravan


The Shorts SC 7 Skyvan


The Shorts SD360


The coolest Skyvan ever… Pink!



Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to Marinha do Brasil, Short Bros of Cardington, the RAF, Shorts, the Library of Congress, SADSM, George Jackman, the Royal Navy, Adrian Pingstone, Tomás Del Coro and those images orphaned or in the Public Domain.