He is dead now but you’ll find no stone to mark his grave since he has neither grave nor marker, which is a little odd for a much decorated American hero who fought for his country with outstanding bravery… but it was his wish and his family accepted that.


Boeing B-17D


The 509th


Project Alberta


The Trinity Test tower


The world’s first atomic bomb just prior to the Trinity Test


The Trinity Test fireball


Little Boy


The mission map




Hiroshima just after detonation


The Hiroshima Damage estimation map


Enola Gay returns


Tibbits in Enola Gay


Tibbits is decorated by Gen Spaatz


Enola Gay in the Udvar Hazy


Paul W Tibbits


Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the USAF, US Gov, Project Alberta, Mr98, Berlyn Brixner, US Gov DOD, Jack W Aeby, United States Department of Energy, George R Caron, U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, Armen Shamlian and elliottwolf.