Back in 1997, on a sliver of land wedged between a gas station and a car park, a lone C130 Hercules could be found. It was mounted there near the entrance to the National Security Agency at Fort Mead in Maryland for a good reason. Not the original aircraft, as that crashed on foreign soil, it had been painted with the tail number 60528 to represent it.


The memorial to the crew of 60528


The C130 airborne


The plot of 60528 and the track of the intercepting fighters.


A Mig 17


Gun camera film from the attacking Mig17s


Gun camera film from an attacking Mig 17 showing the C130 in flames


The crash site of 60528


A USN Neptune


A Mig15


An LA11


An RAF Lincoln


The U2 spy plane


Gary Powers


The memorial to the crew of the C130


Arlington Cemetery


Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the NSA, Soviet Defence Archives, 1Lt Kucharyaev, Soviet Air Force, Kirill Pisman, Adam Jones, Garry Goebel, RIA Novosti archive and IP Singh.