On April the 1st 2011, a little known story of intrigue and tension within the usually calm and placid country of Canada came to light.  This little known affair which brought the United States and Canada to a breaking point revolved around the purchase of an unusual Fighter for the RCAF. This drama of the 1960s has become notorious in government circles and is variously referred to as, “The Stab in the Back-yard”, “The Fishbed Flap” “The Redhawk Incident” or more ominously “The Canuck Invasion Crisis”.


The Arrow is rolled out.


The Arrow is cancelled and cut up into scrap.


Scrapped portions of the Avro Arrow.


The Mig 21.


The first Canadian CF-121, Redhawk.


441 Sqn, the Stratocasters, are reformed with their Migs.


441 Sqn deploy to their new home in Cold Lake.


The first Redhawk is lost.


A grainy photograph reveals the truth!


The story is out.


Little evidence remains of the CF-121 Redhawk.


The old Cold Lake gate guard.


The truth is finally revealed.


Images published under Creative Commons licence with many thanks to parfaits, the Government of Canada and the amazing Vintage Wings of Canada.