Mike Wildman is an amputee pilot who has had a fascinating career in aviation. This tale is about his time in the Royal Air Force flying the C130 Hercules in some very challenging theatres. His story will both amaze and inspire, particularly in the later parts when we will cover his work as the leader of the world’s only fully aerobatic amputee formation team… TeamPhoenixAir.com


Mike, learning to fly


Mike during his RAF basic flying training



Mike was posted to fly the C130 Hercules


Low flying over the desert


Mike, the captain of a Belgium Air Force C130 during his exchange tour


The EPTS Andover that Mike flew


The Boscome Down Comet 4 named Canopus that Mike flew to the North Pole


The day at RIAT when a Mig 29 crashed onto Mike’s aircraft nearly killing him and the others who were watching the show from the top of the fuselage!


Contact details for Mike and Team Phoenix, the world’s only disabled aerobatic formation team



Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to Mike Freer, RuthAS and the RAF.