The language of aviation is treasured by those of us who use it, especially since it separates us from those poor earth bound souls who don’t spend their lives with their eyes cast skyward. In the spirit of fairness, particularly to spouses who stand impatiently, eyes rolling as we converse with our avgeek friends about how pretty that Wedgetail is, here are a few pointers to help you join in the conversation.


The axes of an aircraft


Flight Bag





An Empennage




A Chinese Follow-Me car


A world record hail stone


Hi is for Hangar


The angle of incidence


The F8 “Last of the Gunfighters’.


The Jetway!


Images under the Creative Commons licence with thanks to M9matr0902, ZeroOne, Comicship, Olivier Cleynen, NiD29, NOAA and Wallsworth.