Despite their obvious differences, Sidewinders and Sparrows often went together because they aren’t just the names of flying creatures and slithering serpents… they are weapons of war.


The Sidewinder


House Sparrows


The Rapier missile system


Chinese Fire Arrows


The Tipu Sultan’s artillery rockets


The RS-28 rockets fired by the Polikarpov I-16


The German R4M unguided air to air rocket


The nuclear AIR-2 Genie missile


A Genie launch


The AIM9 Sidewinder


The rotating reticule


The rolleron




The warhead


An AIM 9 warhead effect demonstration


The AIM7 Sparrow


A QF4B killed by a Sparrow missile


Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to images in the Public Domain, UK Defence Imagery, Wubei Zhi, NASA, Juergen Schiffmann, the USAF, David Monniaux, RoyKabanlit, U.S. Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation and the USN.