I trust that you will recall the stories from my RAF Logbook which had reached the point of my first Hornet deployment to New Zealand to work with the Kiwi A4 Skyhawks of No 75 Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force at Ohakea.
The squadron we were working with had a rich history and I was sure I was going to enjoy my time with them.


75 Sqn RNZAF formed with Wellingtons purchased by the New Zealand government


75 Sqn A4 Skyhawk


The Kiwi Red formation team


Inverted whilst in contact


An A4 in combat firing rockets


How to fly a flat scissors


An FA18 pulls into the vertical


The effectiveness of camouflage


Low level


Attacking a splash target


The Hornet at night


The disappearance of the hook was investigated


The perp was arrested!


75 Sqn RNZAF was sadly disbanded


Images shown under creative commons licence with thanks to the RAF, the New Zealand Defence Force, the USN, CNATRA, Bernardo Malfitano and Myself.