I apologise to you all but it’s time for my tatty old RAF log book to come out of the cupboard again. It was a sad, sad situation but for the recently promoted Flight Lieutenant Anderson, his departure from flying the Phantom on 43 Squadron was a reality that he had to face up to. Central Flying School is an august establishment that will proudly inform anyone with an interest (or not) that it is the world’s longest existing flying training school. It was to this anachronistic institution that I was bound!

The crest of the Central Flying School of the Royal Air Force


The Staff of the Central Flying School


The Red Arrows


The island of Anglesey


The Britannia Bridge


The BAE Systems Hawk T1


Flying the Hawk


The Great Orme and Llandudno Pier


Llandudno Pier


Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to CFS, the RAF, the National Library of Wales, Tim Felce, Defence Imagery, Google Maps, Noel Walley and images within the Public Domain.