Flying is an environment where the pilot’s senses, coordination and mental faculties are vital to the safe conduct of a flight. Getting airborne having taken something that might impair one’s flying ability is a complete anathema to the vast majority of aviators so it is vital that we look at ourselves and our fellow pilots to recognise those who might need help.


The route taken by Aero 311.


The Bay of Bothnia.


An Aero DC3.


OH-LCC tail Koivulahti.jpg

The crash site of Aero 311.


Douglas DC-8-62AF (Japan Air Lines Cargo) AN1108405.jpg

The JAL 8054 DC8 Freighter.


The DC8 crash site.


Boeing 737-505, Aeroflot-Nord JP6276458.jpg


The Aeroflot Flight 821 crash site.


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