How do you get a pilot going? Well, in the old days it started with a hand crank!


The Hucks Starter


… Cowboy Land!


The Coffman Starter


A cartridge starter on the RB-57A


The DHC1 Chipmunk


The Arnold Benz Velo


The cycle of a jet engine


RN Seahawks simultaneous use of their cartridge starters


RAF Lightnings of No56 “Chicken in the Basket” Sqn at RAF Akrotiri


The SR71 Blackbird


The Riedelanlasser starter for German BMW 003 and Jumo 004 turbojet engines


Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the Library of Congress, Jeff Dahl, NACA, US Patent Office, bomberpilot, Jeff Dahl, the IMW, the RAF, the USAF and Kogo. Attribution not possible for some images.