On the 18th of June 1940, Churchill stood in Parliament and gave a speech in which he stated that what General Weyland had called the Battle of France was over and that the Battle of Britain was about to begin. In the middle of this remarkable conflict was one Raymond Towers Holmes…

Sir Winston Churchill


Hermann Göring


Preparations being made for the invasion of Britain


Joseph Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Great Britain


Adolf Hitler


The Me 110


The Supermarine Spitfire


The Hawker Hurricane


The Me 109


Battle of Britain pilots


The coverage of Chain Home


Chain Home operators


Arty Holmes in his fighter


Dog fights over London during the Battle of Britain


Dornier Do 17s


The secret weapon flamethrower


The Do17 without its tail plunges down towards Victoria Station


Wreckage of the Do17 that Arty brought down



Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to BiblioArchives, Bundesarchiv, the RAF, Wide World Photos, ROC, Adrian Pingstone, Imperial War Museum and the British Official Histories.