In the world of Slavic folk tales there are giants in Ukraine but as aviators the ones we are interested are the giants that the fabled aircraft designer Oleg Antonov designed. This is his story.

The OKA1 glider


Antonov at the Leningrad Polytechnic


The OKA38 Stork


The An-2


The An-12 Cub


The An-24 Coke


The vast An-22 Cock


The huge An-124 Condor


The flight deck of the An-124


The mighty Mryia, An-225, carrying a Buran project space shuttle


The destruction of a dream, the Mryia was a victim of the Russian invaders who recently attacked Ukraine


Oleg Antonov


Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the Antonov Design Bureau, the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, the Central Design Bureau for Gliders, Arpingstone, Igor Dvurekov, Dmitriy Pichugin, Toshi Aoki, Yevgeny Pashnin, Vasiliy Kob and Дизайнер: А.Безменов.