Over their careers, airline pilots, and doctors come to that, will have stayed in a myriad of loggings during their overnight stays and the vast majority will have merged into a conglomeration of memories but every now and then one or two will stand out from the rest. In this tale, the crew have kindly shared some of their experiences starting with the Good… the Bad and the Ugly will follow on next week so be sure to tune in!


Capt Nick landing in Hong Kong


The Langham Place hotel


The amazing vertical mall.



The original Tim Ho Wan dim sum resturant



The Bird Market



The C141


American Samoa


The Rainmaker Hotel


The Boeing 767


The Intercontinental Tahiti Resort


The Leeward Island of Montserrat


Olveston house


Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the Langham Place hotel, the USAF, NOAA, Jerry & Roy Klotz MD, Intercontinental Hotels and Olveston house.