The RAF Chinook helicopter has proved to be a versatile and determined workhorse for the British Armed services but none more so than the airframe Bravo November. This remarkable machine was the sole surviving Chinook of the Falklands war and it continued to operate in many operations in the Middle East. Even more remarkable was the bravery of it’s pilots, four of whom received the Distinguished Flying Cross.


A US Army CH47A.


An RAF Chinook.


Argentinian forces invade Stanley.


British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


Government House at Port Stanley.


HMS Invincible leads the task force out of British Waters.


The Atlantic Conveyor embarking aircraft.


The Argentinian submarine Santa Fe, previously USS Catfish.


An RAF Vulcan.


The sinking of the Belgrano.


The sinking of HMS Sheffield.


The sinking of HMS Antelope.


An Argentinian Super Etendard.


The Atlantic Conveyor ablaze.


Bravo November… the last Chinook.


Commandos marching across the inhospitable terrain of the Falklands… into battle.


A 105mm howitzer.


An upgraded BN during operations in the Middle East.


BN also served in the Afghan conflict.


Bravo November continues to serve to this very day.



Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the Royal Air Force, SPC Glen Anderson, the Argentine Navy, the Imperial War Museum, USN, Jefediahspringfield, Martin Sgut, Martin Otero, Royal Marines and the Ministry of Defence,