The subject of UFOs became a very popular theme in the press, on the television and in film, something that Intelligence services quietly encouraged. There were many, very secret projects that the US Government was investing enormous resources in, and any alternative explanation was preferable than the truth. One such project was the Silver Bug, a US Black version of the Canadian Avrocar. However, the Silver Bug’s true capabilities were about to be discovered!  But beware… not everything may be as it seems!

Sightings given credibility by the Swedish Air Intelligence Service


Everyone was caught up in the new UFO phenomena


Henri Coanda, discoverer of the Coanda effect


Jack Frost of Avro, the designer of the Avrocar


USAF regulations relating to UFOBs


The Canadian Avrocar during tests



Groom lake in Area 51


Technical Report on the Silver Bug


The Silver Bug’s special Jet Stream aerodynamics

The Silver Surfer


The Silver Surfer accelerates


The Silver Surfer crosses the coast


The Silver Surfer completes its secret flight around the planet


The Soviet Aпреля Один (Aprelya Odin)


Images under Creative Commons Licence with thanks to the USAF, Bzuk, National Archives UK, Instituto Geográfico, Invencion propia, Doc Searles, William Bill Zuk, Phylyp and the USGov.