Another week of Aviation Fun! Join Dr. Steph, Captains Jeff and Nick, Nick Camacho, and Producer Liz as we discuss the latest aviation news and answer your great feedback!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:07 NEWS
00:04:24 Alaska B-737 Max 9 at Portland on Jan 5th 2024, Door Plug and Panel Separated in Flight
00:27:40 Boeing Wants FAA to Exempt MAX 7 from Safety Rules to Get it in the Air
00:34:11 UPDATE – Air Tindi Plane Hit Hill in ‘Basically a Whiteout’
00:38:49 Cessna 340A N711CB Autopilot Failure
01:02:57 Why Doctor Refused to Help in Mid-Air Emergency on Long-Haul Flight
01:13:21 Former Delta [First Officer] Who Allegedly Threatened to Shoot His [Captain] Midair Claims ‘Misunderstanding’
01:18:48 UPDATE – Russian Plane That Landed in a Siberian Field Will Be Scrapped After Airline Abandons Plan to Fly it Out
01:45:12 COFFEE FUND
01:50:46 GETTING TO KNOW US – 2
02:02:49 FEEDBACK
02:02:59 Becky – The Debonair Project
02:14:05 Magnus – Donation to Airline Pilot Guy Show
02:16:33 PLANE TALE – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon
02:29:41 Martin – Retirement Congratulations
02:33:24 JJ Not Pittsburgh – Update
02:37:32 Pilot Pip – Check Airmen
02:46:05 Sam – TNFlyGirl Crash
02:58:50 Tim Q – Very Impressive
03:07:31 WRAP UP


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