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  • [1:25:40] Ray – Rome (Ga) Airshow
  • [1:28:47] Ivan – C-141B Instrumentation
  • [1:35:29] David – Back to Front Captaincy
  • [1:41:24] Phillip – Pursuing and Aviation Career via Air Force?
  • [1:49:12] Patrick – Question re: Pilot Training
  • [1:53:57] Plane Tale – Gone for a Burton
  • [2:15:21] Daniel – Questions re: What Licenses and Ratings he Should Pursue
  • [2:22:00] Ivor – Mid Trip Report>
  • [2:29:24] Regan – Fuel Gauge Reliability
  • [2:43:19] Mike – VFR Charts Requirement
  • [2:54:17] Wayne – Joe D’Eon (on the Amateur Traveler Podcast 72)


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