Dr. Steph joins me on this flight!

The Dreamliner works great, 24/7/248. Don’t worry, I doubt you’ll see them falling from the sky.

Who knew? A 10-member panel from the National Research Council reveals the FAA was not delivering the system that had been promised and should “reset expectations” about what it is delivering to the public and the airlines that use the system.

A couple of quick-thinking Aer Lingus pilots saved their plane and their 46 passengers last year when a thick layer of sea salt formed on the windscreen, obstructing their view of the runway for landing. Listen to the show to hear how they successfully landed.

Stay tuned for how you can order the Acme Airlines coffee mugs and pint glasses. The logo etching on the pint glass is lighter than in the picture, and the blue logo on the mug is not quite as bright as pictured.

EtchedMug    Acme Mug Back    Acme Mug Front

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