The 1920’s and 30’s were times of radical societal changes, particularly in the freedoms that women then demanded. The suffragette movement, the contributions made by women in the first world war and other dramatic events had clearly shown that forward looking women were no longer going to be content with the roles that men decided they were suited for. Aviation played its part in allowing women the freedom to tackle challenges that were previously denied to them, a fight for equality continues to this day.  It is right that we celebrate those early pioneers who took to the air and led the way.

The Suffragette movement which paved the way for woman’s emancipation


Will Hay, one of Amy’s flying instructors


Amy’s planned route to Australia


Amy’s Gypsy Moth, “Jason”


Amy in India


Amy arrives in Australia


An Airspeed Oxford and notice of Amy’s “MISSING BELIEVED KILLED,” telegram


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