And so Plane Tales was born with the story of the mixologist Joe Gilmore… well, kind of. There had been a few bits in the Show pre the Farnborough special but it hadn’t become part of APG like it is now. The number of Tales will never catch Jeff’s impressive half millennium but they have now passed the 300 mark and these are a few of the memorable ones.

The mixologist, Joe Gilmore


Tumble Down Dick


The flight under Tower Bridge




Capt Ogg ditching the Sovereign of the Skies.


Bob Hoover


Major Bung Lee lands his Bird Dog on the USS Midway


Capt Andy Anderson




Voiceover artist Greg Willits at


A tribute to the crew of Lady be Good


Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks given on the original episode, Thomas Rowlandson, Greg Willits and DaniKauf, the USAF, the USN and those in the Public Domain.