Hawaii became the most recent state to join the union in 1959 and is now the third wealthiest.  Following it’s annexation, Hawaii became an important naval base for the US Navy so it is hardly surprising that they should be the first to attempt a flight from the US mainland to the island.  Aviation had already arrived at the islands in 1910 courtesy of Bud Mars, the Curtiss Daredevil.


The Hawaiian Archipelago


The annexation of Hawaii


J C Mars


Commander John Rodgers


Rodgers in the Wright Flyer


The PN9 flying boat


Rodgers and his crew survive to be welcomed into Hawaii


The Atlantic-Fokker C-2 Tri-motor


Atlantic-Fokker C-2 “Bird of Paradise” arrival in Hawaii


The start of the Dole Air Race


In all, six aircraft were lost or damaged beyond repair and ten lives lost.


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