Life on 77 Squadron had settled down to a routine, if it ever really could on a fighter squadron. There was certainly plenty of variety to our flying. In one month I flew some practice bombing attacks, both day and night, on the Evans Head weapon’s range north by 230 nm. This was followed by a 4 ship formation demonstration of ground attack on our own airfield as part of an Open Day celebration for the public.  Then night radar bombing on the Beecroft range at Jarvis bay about 150 nm south. Then we bombed and sank a tug boat before flying off to New Zealand.


The Squadron hours board


A head on view of the FA18A


Our Hornets in close formation


A MK82 low drag general purpose bomb


A 77 Sqn Hornet landing


RNZAF Strikemasters AKA the Bluntie


The RNZAF A4 Skyhawk


Landing at Ohakea


My old buddy John




Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to Myself and Greenshed.