It’s logbook time again and you may recall that I was as freshly a minted A1 QFI as there could be and I had just left the training world to return to the front line on my old Squadron, the Fighting Cocks. I had been in Wales for
over 4 years and in that time the faces I knew on 43 Sqn had almost all gone… it was like I was joining a unit of strangers.


The Q Shed


Additional armed aircraft ready to go onto QRA


The F4 tank limiting speeds


A Soviet Badger trying to sneak past at low level


An F4 tanking from a converted Victor V Bomber


Decimomannu Air Base


How the ACMI Air Combat Manoeuvering Instrumentation worked


The Men of Harlech near Llanbedr


The Jindavik target drone


A frame from the Jindavik cameras showing a Sidewinder about to impact the towed flare target


My new navigator, Coolhand


A 43(F) Sqn Phantom


Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the RAF, the USAF, RuthAS and Mike Freer.