The Coffee Fund

You want to buy me a cup of coffee? Sweet. I really appreciate it.

There are two ways to do this (well, actually three, if you are with me in person you could just buy me a cup of Joe at the local coffee house). If you’d like to send me a one-time or periodic contribution to my caffeine addiction fund, you can use my PayPal link (click on the image below).

If you’d rather contribute on an episode-by-episode basis, check out my new Patreon page. It’s a service that’s similar to Kickstarter, only you pay for the content after it’s produced. You may designate any amount you want per episode, and limit the maximum amount contributed every month, so if I decide to do an episode every day, I won’t bankrupt you! (Don’t worry… no plans right now to do that!). A cool feature of is that you are rewarded for your level of contribution, so you’re not just throwing your money away.

Patreon Donation Page Link