An air hostess calmly walked through the crashing airliner telling the passengers, “Please fasten your safety-belts. Keep your seats.” Then she returned to the galley near the tail, sat herself down… and waited. One of the passengers had seen oil spurting from an engine and on the flight deck, Captain Anderson was nursing his aircraft in. The engine had failed not long after takeoff following that massive oil leak and this aircraft didn’t have a good reputation for single engined flying.

An Airwork Viking


The Nene powered Viking


The BEA Viking that survived a bomb explosion intended to bring the aircraft down


Airwork employed a number of Vikings that flew as far afield as South Africa


The aftermath of the crash


Air Hostess Beryl Rothwell


Capt Anderson’s youngest son, Nicholas James



Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to Norsk Luftfartsmuseum, BAe, the Daily Sketch, the AAIB, UK Gov, Vickers and Ruth AS.