APG 039 – Please Do Not Bother the Pilot

APG 039 – Please Do Not Bother the Pilot

Two inflight crashes captured on video, Air France makes unscheduled landing in Damascus, airport security breaches, Quantas quibbles, listener feedback, and more!

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  1. Ok…at this point, I must say this is an eye-opener for me. Remember R&B superstar Aliyah? She died in a weight-related accident years ago; she and her small entourage tried to takeoff in an overweight airplane and ended up the same way these guys did, only she didn’t survive like these guys did. So, the eye-opener…thats really opening my eyes: while holding short to enter the active runway, have another check at windspeed, wind direction and air temperature. Any of these could change anytime between the time you last checked and the moment you are about to enter the active runway. If you’ve had a long time with engines or APU running or/and a long time taxiing to the runway and maybe a long time waiting to start your takeoff roll, you may also want to review your pitch-trim setting (by cross-checking with the FMS weight-related trim figure) to see how much you will need to adjust it.

    Please correct me anywhere I may be wrong as I am not “YET” a pilot.